Loliettoo® product is made from the finest RAW MATERIAL carefully selected from its traditional CENTER OF ORIGIN. The concept of centers of origin was first proposed by the Russian scientist Nikolai Vavilov (1887-1943). During his explorations, Vavilov observed that crop diversity tends to be concentrated around specific regions. He stated that plants were not domesticated somewhere in the world randomly, but there are regions where the domestication started. He proposed that concentrations of high variability indicated the regions where domestication of these crops began. In 1926, he published his theories in the “Studies on the origin of cultivated plants”. Until today, Vavilov centers are geographical areas where a high diversity of crop wild relatives can be found, representing the natural relatives of domesticated crop plants. Therefore, centers of origin are also considered centers of diversity.

Following are the eight basic geographic centers of origin of cultivated plants:

Only a few plants were introduced into cultivation in places other than the above-mentioned primary centers. Loliettoo® mission is trading 100% pure oils coming from seeds that belong to native oleaginous plants grown in their centers of origin. Our aim is to work with the greatest respect for people and planet: from soil to oil, from farm to market, promoting the health of the environment and every living organism. 

® product is PURE and VEG ABSOLUTE OIL, MECHANICALLY COLD PRESSED (heating temperature allowed only below 120 F) with the most high-tech system in loco and according to stringent quality standards which are technically approved by our ongoing academic research projects and the external accredited laboratory. Harking back to the European regulations related to olive oil (Reg. EU 61/2011 amending Reg. EEC 2568/91 on the characteristics of olive oil and olive-residue oil and on the relevant methods of analysis), and based on the Codex Alimentarius and on the more general European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), loliettoo® is now coding the first and highly strict identification plan, species-specific. This scientific protocol will accurately describe pure oils listing their fundamental characteristics such as unequivocal chemical-physical parameters and also organoleptic, nutritional and cosmetic information. Loliettoo® code will assure the intrinsic identity profile of each oil and will be completed in partnership with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and other research centers. This precondition will be a special guarantee of high quality and an important anti-sophistication instrument against adulteration of vegetable oils, sadly a real and extended plague within the oil market. It will take years of work to finalize the code but will prove itself very helpful for anyone who is searching for certainty and pureness

® oil is raw therefore stores all its active and functional veg components, its natural aroma and flavours. If any of these elements are not of interest, raw oil must be drained by refining/deodorization processes. Since we do not alter its natural composition, our cold pressed product is never refined/deodorized and it introduces itself to our customer as 100% pure and CRUDE veg oil

Like presenting its identity card, loliettoo
® oil is always accompanied by a “speaking label” with detailed description stating trade and botanical name, plant part source, country/center of origin and production, individual batch reference, expiry date, quantity and packaging information, and also by an official certificate of analysis issued by our accredited laboratory. In fact our absolute oils will be constantly tested in order to be conform to our standards, and the analyses will determine acid and peroxide values, fatty acids and sterols profiles, pesticides, aflatoxins, heavy metals and microbiological aspects. 

As pure as it is,
LOLIETTOO®veg oil can indiscriminately FEED your SKIN, your ORGANISM and your chemical-pharmaceutical or industrial formulations bearing unique and essential properties. It is you to determine loliettoo® oils final destination. In fact, edible oils are obtained from edible plant sources and are safe for human consumption. Unless specifically stated, loliettoo® oils are all edible. This is according to EFSA and Novel Food regulations. 

Finally, we are happy and proud to show you the list of our available products. All data stated are scientific references for your information. The following inventory will grow with time together with our unique connections around the countries of origin:

Since we are controlling the entire production process, along with loliettoo® oils, we can also offer a new secondary product, defatted and very interesting, solid pellet-like or powedered: loliettoo® seed cake. Please CONTACT US for any further information.