Woody plant with arboreal shape (3-10 m), fig (
Ficus carica L.) is very enduring and with expanded roots apparatus. Trunk is covered by a smooth and grayish cortex and shows nubby branches, leaves are simple and alternate with lobes, rough on the back side and downy on top. Flowers grow inside a fleshy structure where fruits develop from. Seeds within fruits are tiny and many. Plant comes from the Mediterranean basin and Middle East, especially from Turkey.

Fig was used for ages in folk medicines in the Mediterranean area. Fruits contain high content of sugars and mucilages, and this is the reason why figs bear soothing, decongestant, tonic and refreshing powers. Also dried figs decoction reveals emollient and calming properties. Fig seed oil can be used in delicate drops as food and cosmetic ingredient.

Its precious composition of fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamins makes the fig seed oil an enchanting ingredient for food and cosmetic usages.