Loliettoo® takes care of the entire supply chain: from PLANT to SEED, from SOIL to OIL, from far away to you.  

Production is organized in accordance with the seeds type and clients' request. We are happy to satisfy

Our team is available to evaluate and realize with great professionality new products and guarantee specific productions upon request. Controlling all the entire production chain, along with its pure vegetable oil, loliettoo®
 can also offer solid seed cake, pellet-like and/or powedered. 

Products are packed and labeled under loliettoo®'s regulations and sent to your company within the FASTEST LEAD TIMES. Loliettoo®'s packaging is environmentally friendly and helps preserve veg oils shelf-life by acting as a protective barrier and stores untreated & unprocessed products imported from all parts of the world, so that they can meet consumers' demands for freshness.

Do not hesitate to CONTACT OUR TEAM for any further clarifications, packaging sizes and more.

 will be happy to reply to your questions.