Loliettoo® is an academic spin-off company within the Institute of Life Sciences at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. It is an ambitious creative project that is developing an outstanding worldwide community of selected oleaginous seed farmers for the LOCAL PRODUCTION of VEGETABLE OILS destined to satisfy the growing international demand from cosmetic, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The plan originated from a true story of research studies in plant genetics and vegetable biotechnology and an illuminating adventure within the global oil market.

It is a blend of science and creativity, commitment and passion.

The integration of scientific and professional backgrounds experienced within inspiring multicultural contexts, together with curiosity, ambition and love for travelling, built up the knowledge and skills that make loliettoo
® a unique project. Our innovative idea is focused on the concept of QUALITY and natural integrity, and commits to a new fundamental trusting and conscious oil trade network, alternative to the traditional business, and strictly characterized by a technical approach leading to new experimental research plans within the University context.

®’s philosophy represents a real genuine opportunity. It is guaranteed by a new ethical and rigorously scientific system which is based on the concrete support of academic collaborations and on the first international connection made of partners coming from the International PhD Programme in Agrobiodiversity at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, expert in plant genetic resources and able to select and find the best plant raw material to work with. 

® is all this: A PASSIONATE AND EFFICIENT TEAM OF SPECIALISTS WHO DEVELOP DIRECT SOURCING INITIATIVES AND PROCESSING OPERATIONS WORLDWIDE, AND WHO ARE DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN FROM THE GROUND TO THE OIL, TO EXPORT. It is a transparent, scientific and professional oil trade system based on respectful social farming and globally-oriented sourcing projectsThis is our structure: