Loliettoo® was born and evolved as spin-off from the study and research, from the willpower and precious competences of young entrepreneurs who strongly believe in their own capabilities, gain different experiences and look forward with optimism, with an open and flexible mind. 

Our mission is to create, develop and keep, with dedication and interest, the unique international connections among reliable researchers, expert in plant genetics and the local farmers working in the developing countries. 

We aim at the most strict and technical selection of the highest quality raw material

Human resource is at the centre of our company reality, this is why we build and share superior stakeholder value over time and we make efforts into improve with transparency and people development. 

The concept of quality is a fundamental pilaster of loliettoo®’s philosophy and it is the continuous search of it that activates a virtuous chain giving value to all the involved stakeholders, from seed farmers to the final client: from field to oil, with care and accuracy.

Tradition, research, innovation, expertise, ethical sustainability and quality are values that loliettoo® fully embraces.